Im trying to install new rear pads on an 01 jetta. I cant compress the damn rear caliper piston. I am using a piston compressor which basically just pushes against the piston. WHAT am I doing wrong? STOP before you break something. The rear caliper piston needs to be rotated as it is compressed. This requires a special tool. If your brakes are really worn down, you may have a hard time fitting the generic tool in there.

How to Replace Brake Pads and Rotors Top 10 Brake Job Tips

As a last resort, you can try a C-clamp and a pair of vice grips. Why do u need to rotate the sucker? I was puttin alot of pressure on it. C-clamp and a pair of vice method. Apply pressure with C-clamp and rotate slightly with vice. TDI s : '10 Golf 2dr 6m, sold. TDI s : ex- wagon, ex Jetta. I hope you have one of these stores in TO, because you need this special tool to compress the rear piston.

Don't forget to unclip the parking brake cable before you push the piston in as there's a mechanism behind it that actuates the auto-mechanism for the hand brake. Otherwise you'll very likely ruin it, and have to get another one.

Can I compress caliper pistons without a c-clamp?

I managed to compress the piston as you guys suggested. I assembled everything and depressed the break pedal several times with the engine running. However the wheel is dragging.Remember Me? Site Navigation. Hey guys, I have the wrong caliper spreader for the front 4 piston caliper on my Caliper is still on the truck, was wondering if anyone has a good trick or shortcut to push the pistons back in without trashing the rotor or caliper?

Member's Picture Albums. U might have to work it back n forth a bit but it should work, just be easy on it. Unhook the break line to relieve pressure. Just make sure to bleed the brakes after.

I usually use a big wrench that will distribute the pressure the most evenly across the pad. Heck, you can rent a tool from your local parts store for free. Originally Posted by Hyde Easy way to do it, leave in inside pad on the caliper after removeing. Works every time!!

I almost feel silly for having asked the question.

compressing caliper piston

Thanks Again! AutoZone rents out a caliper tool. There's a deposit, but it washes to be free. July Present. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. Follow Us! All times are GMT The time now is AM.

Can I compress caliper pistons without a c-clamp?

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Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Thread starter reasons Start date Dec 19, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Nov 25, 12 0 0 Newtown, PA. I've tried everything I need this done or I won't be able to go to work tommorrow.

I've tried compressing it with a c- clamp, Barely fit over it Tried Putting a small piece of wood in front of the piston and hitting it with a hammer Neither has worked Apr 1, 4, 11 79 54 Dunedin, FL.

Go to AutoZone and rent for free! Stan Weiss Member. Dec 8, 2 16 Philadelphia, PA users. As twogts4us said you need the proper tool.

compressing caliper piston

You need to screw the piston back into the caliper.OK, a little more info, due to the parking brake mechanism you cannot just squeeze it back in with a c-clamp like the front, it must be spun in with a special tool which I have. But this one just spins, my friend says it needs to be pushed and spun to catch the threads inside. How can I push and spin at the same time?

Any other suggestions are appreciated.

compressing caliper piston

The car is an '04 Mercury Minivan. Your problem lies with the parking brake. There are two different kinds of rear disc brake parking brake systems. Yours is undoubtably the kind of system that uses a lever attached to the back of the calpier to actuate a mechanisim within the caliper that pushes the piston and ultimately the brake pads, holding the brake.

That mechansim automatically adjusts itself as the pads wear down.

compressing caliper piston

What you have probably been trying to do is force the piston back in with a C-clamp or simmilar device. On some brakes that will work, but you have to remove the lever from the back side of the caliper. You probably had to detach the cable to replace the pads.

This where a tool is used to rotate the piston back into its bore, while at the same time compressing the piston. Replaced the brakes on a Grand Prix once. I remember one side turned clockwise while the other side turned counterclockwise not sure which side was which.

Detaching the lever and pushing the pistion back in with a c-clamp always works for me Pontiac Sometimes I have to nurse the shaft along with a wrench though, just to make sure it keeps turning. Has anyone had a problem getting the caliper piston back in on rear disks?

Make sure the cover is off the master cylinder reservior. Tester July 5,pm 4. Try calling your Mercury dealership or Napa. There is probably a special tool for this.

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Thread starter shogun2fire Start date Jun 21, I was doing attempting to replace my rear brakes today and found that after I removed the old pads that the piston inside has extended out and needs to be pushed back in the fit in the new pads which are thicker.

I did some searching online and found that for some cars, the pistons had to be twisted with a special tool to be pushed back in. The twist and push is only on vehicles that have the parking brake built into the brake caliper. The land cruiser has a separate parking brake system from the caliper.

So I think a regular clamp will work. Joined Nov 15, Messages When you do squeeze it back - just do it slowly. No special tool - any c clamp will work. You can also use the old brake pad against the piston to have a flat surface to clamp to.Do not pinch the brake line- that will cause problems!

Not all calipers can be pushed in- some take a tool that rotates them in. If you force one of these to open damage will result also. If you open the bleeder the brakes will need to be bled. The brake fluid will return to the master cylinder and if it is to full already just use a turkey baster to remove the fluid so you don't over fill it.

Now my preference is to just go ahead and plan on bleeding the brakes- brake fluid does go bad and needs to be replaced. So flushing the brake line is a good idea if the car is very old. You don't have to do anything except take a c-clamp and push the caliper piston back in all the way.

The Brake fluid makes its way right back up to the master cylinder and no fluid is lost. I do this regularly. With most systems you need to slacken or remove the brake fluid reservoir cap so that there's space for the fluid to return, although it has a tiny air hole in it this isn't big enough for the fluid you'll be pushing back to go through.

Afterwards you'll need to bleed the brakes at that wheel, or if it is piped so that the fluid goes to one side and then the other rather than two separate pipes then you'll need to bleed both sides. I have done it that way many times, I'm changing my brakes.

Answer Save. Old Man Dirt Lv 7. Bleed Brakes Without Bleeder. RockyD7 Lv 6. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. John Lv 6. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.They may perhaps notice that their vehicle draws more to one direction when braking or the brakes are not releasing completely after they let go off the pedal. Such situations should be fixed straight away so that it does not affect the safety of your vehicle.

To help you fix out the caliper piston problem, here are some potential causes and reasons given below. There are many potential reasons responsible for the problem of not compressing the caliper piston. The caliper bolts comprise of slides on them that require being lubed. The shielding rubber boots present on them helps to keep the lubrication in.

But, sometimes these boots get tear away by the hasty mechanics when they are mounting new brake pads. As a result, the caliper piston fails to compress. When the brakes are applied, the brake piston seal is deformed slightly. When the car drivers let the brakes off, they uncoil and help to compress the pistons for drag-free running.

If the piston fails to slide adequately on the seals, then the seal impedes the piston from permanently compressing. One of the main causes of the not compressing caliper piston is the inactivity.

If you are not using your vehicle for months, it may happen that the piston gets rusted. As a result, the corrosion that is built on the caliper prevents it to compress fully, stopping your vehicle from running smoothly.

There is a need to carefully diagnose and fix such issues right away as it may put your vehicle in danger. One of the main ways to compress your caliper piston fully is to take care of the brakes. If you top-up the brake fluid and replace the brake pads when required, then you might not run into any problems with the caliper piston.

For a detained caliper piston, a special tool exists that helps to apply force and compress the pad. You can use a simple C-clamp to fix this problem. To see how to use a C-clamp to repair such problem, you can read on some car maintenance tips over the web.

In addition, you should also clean the piston properly and apply a light coating of grease to compress the caliper successfully. So, now you might be aware of the possible causes and ways to fix the caliper piston not compressing problem. Tsukasa Azuma is an awesome car blogger of Car From Japan.

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